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ruc youth aiming at the countryside
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"from poverty alleviation to rural revitalization, i am honored to be a part of this great cause, using knowledge to change the rural areas." after graduating from renmin university of china with a bachelor's degree, lin feng, a dekon family farmer in renshou, returned to the land where he was born and grew up to expand his "self-vision" to "collective responsibility", and aspire to perform more actual deeds for rural revitalization in china.

to the place that needs me the most

growing up in the countryside, he has seen the hardships of the poor. after graduating from renmin university of china, lin feng surely had many opportunities to settle in international metropolises such as beijing, shanghai, guangzhou, and shenzhen, find an enviable job, and live a high-quality life.

but he didn't do that.

"during the years when i studied at renmin university of china, i reshaped my views on the world, life and values, and it enabled me to better understand china's major policies." lin feng said, that modernization of china is first and foremost the modernization of agriculture and rural areas. as a young man in the new era, we should focus on the national strategy to do something meaningful.

especially in recent years, with the success of the poverty alleviation campaign, the promotion of rural revitalization, and the deepening of national policies, the demand for talents in rural areas is increasing. as graduates trained by the country, we are obliged to shoulder this responsibility, return to the countryside, and build the countryside."

agriculture is a promising career, and rural areas are where i can truly realize my ideals and values." based on this, after graduating from renmin university of china, lin feng resolutely returned to his hometown renshou and invested in the construction of the 200-head 2# farm. together with dekon, he operates this inherited family business and uses practical actions to drive his parents and fellow villagers to purchase properties and start their own businesses.

helping fellow villagers pave the way to prosperity

"collaborating with dekon is not hot-headed, but the result of careful consideration and rigorous investigation." lin feng said that over the years, based in rural areas, dekon has done a lot of practical things for poverty alleviation and rural revitalization in various regions, especially for 2# farm. compared with traditional farms, its operation is more efficient. dekon discloses its core breeding technology to farmers. in the long run, farmers will be able to achieve independent operation, which will positively promote the realization of "strong agriculture, beautiful rural areas, and rich farmers".

changing the rural area has always been the starting point and foothold of lin feng's return to his home for entrepreneurship, and finding a feasible path to prosperity in person for his parents and fellow villagers has always been his long-standing wish.

now, he has found this path, which is to rely closely on dekon, running the #2 farm, inheriting this family business, spreading the mode of # 2 farm, and transforming the villagers from traditional farmers to new professional farmers.

""dekon's mode is really good, not only allowing me and the workers in the farm to master the large-scale pig farming skills, but also utilizing the idle land in the village." lin feng said to achieve planting and breeding cycle through dekon farm and improve soil conditions continuously can greatly improve the land output and its utilization efficiency. this is a long-term sustainable benefit, and also in line with the general secretary's concept of 'clear water and green mountains are mountains of gold and silver'".

"i hope my parents and fellow villagers can also join the dekon team, even if the investment is small, it is much better than working outside. at least this is a stable and inheritable career." lin feng said frankly, this is his most intuitive feeling after cooperating with dekon.

over the years, lin feng has turned his learning into practical use, and constantly promoted changes in his hometown to the outside world, driving its development internally, and assisting in china's rural revitalization strategy. at the same time, he also firmly believes that in the future, following the footsteps of dekon, young people in rural areas will have great potential and can further realize their personal value! 

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