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how did a novice pig farmer become a successful example of returning home for entrepreneurship?
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"i have received proxy feeding fee of over rmb 3.5 million yuan from dekon since january 2021, with over rmb1.15 million annually." during his cooperation with the company, cheng ping, a dekon family farmer in wanzhou, not only learned solid professional skills in pig farming, but also learned how to efficiently manage the family farm during his participation in the farm management, and obtained good profits. (i verified with the dekon's finance department that the settlement fee was true.)

how did he grow from being voice to an experienced and professional excellent farmer? today, let's learn about cheng ping's story of returning home for entrepreneurship.

family farmer cheng ping

after graduating from university, cheng ping, like most people, chose to work in the government. however, he finally gave up this "iron rice bowl" and found his uncle who was opening a pig farm in hechuan, chongqing. he bought 25% of the equity of his uncle's farm and began to learn to raise pigs.

during this period, cheng ping wanted to have a farm that operated entirely according to his own idea, so he chose to withdraw shortly after investment. in 2019, dekon vigorously developed family farms in wanzhou area. cheng ping, who was not reconciled to his unfinished pig farming business, was very delighted to hear this news, so immediately contacted the company and began to find a land to build the pig farm.

but in fact, at that time, there were not many lands available for building pig farms in wanzhou, and cheng ping failed to find a suitable place according to the company's standards. at this time, the company also learned about the difficulties cheng ping encountered, so they worked together with the district government, town government, and village committee to help him find a land.

"fortunately, with the help of the company and the government, and the supportive the relevant cadres of the district government, town government and village committee, i found a suitable land soon.” said cheng ping.

after many difficulties, the site selection and construction of the farm were determined. cheng ping returned to the pig farming industry that he was familiar with. with the support of the company, from pig farm construction to on-site production management, cheng ping gradually learned through training and exploration how to operate a pig farm, how to manage equipment, how to manage the environment, how to manage each pig well 

"i used to breed fat pigs. it was greatly different from breeding sows after the farm was put into operation. however, the company provided me with comprehensive support, so i had no worries." cheng ping said the company has helped him a lot since their cooperation, such as inviting him to learn technologies at dekon pig farm and helping him solve production problems. this helps him achieve a perfect transition and smoothly embark on the path of large-scale pig farming.

sever years have passed, and under the long-term training and guidance of the company as well as for his humble attitude, he went from being ignorant at the beginning to a professional farmer who is familiar with production and management, and gained good income from the proxy feeding fee. although there were twists and turns, the final result was good.

cheng ping (third from the left in the back row) is participating in the training of the chongqing rural revitalization leading person cultivation "head goose" project

(pig breeding class)

in the past two years, recommended by wanzhou district government, cheng ping, who has mastered mature production management techniques, participated in the chongqing rural revitalization leading person cultivation "head goose" project, and was trained to be a senior farmer technician as well as a well-known example of successful entrepreneurship locally.

"cooperating with the company is not only guaranteed, but also allows me to learn a lot of knowledge and skills that i did not know, enabling me to better operate the farm and significantly improve the living standards of my family." cheng ping said that during the construction and operation of the farm, not only the leaders of the regional company, but also relevant leaders of the group have come to guide and assist him, providing him with a lot of help.

over the years, he has gradually grown from a novice to a professional pig farmer. it is inseparable from the training of the company's management personnel. he feels grateful for the help provided by the company to the pig farm these years, and would like to continue his cooperation with the company to better operate the farm. 

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