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the agriculture and animal husbandry industry is prospective
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dekon farmer

yu rui

jincheng college of sichuan university

in recent years, with the comprehensive victory of the national poverty alleviation campaign and the deepening of rural revitalization, rural areas in china have changed greatly. not only has the living environment improved, but the industry has also experienced vigorous development, making it increasingly attractive to young entrepreneurs.

under such an opportunity, yu rui, a dekon farmer in luzhou, left the big city and returned to his hometown to start a long-term stable business and contribute to the development of his hometown with his efforts.

the nine-to-five commuting life is not suitable for me.

"the environment in the rural area is getting better. as a university student grown up in the rural area, i am honored to contribute to the development of my hometown." after experiencing the rural revitalization in person, when talking about the changes in his hometown, yu rui has a lot of emotions.

in 2015, after graduating from jincheng college of sichuan university, yu rui, with the original intention of making a name for himself in the big city, engaged in logistics management in chengdu, and began a nine-to-five commuting life.

then, three years passed, and he increasingly felt that this kind of life was not suitable for him, and the future of such a job was visible at a glance and did not pose any challenges. after careful consideration, yu rui decided to return to his hometown where he was born and grew up, to seek some entrepreneurial opportunities and better development.

"making this decision is not a momentary impulse. whenever i went back during holidays and saw the spacious roads and small western-style buildings, i deeply felt the changes. that confirmed my decision to come back." yu rui said that the local government's clear policy support for returning home for entrepreneurship also reduced his worries.

in 2020, a large domestic pig farming enterprise that was cooperating with yu rui encountered operational problems. introduced by a friend, yu rui began to cooperate with the well-known and reputable dekon. in the following two years, except for helping at his parents' tea mountain during busy seasons, he almost stayed in the pig farm and attended to pig farming every day, achieving a good performance.

"yu rui is very cooperative, and his performance is also improved stably, with the market rate of the first batch of fat pigs reaching 95.9%, and the second batch reaching 96.4%." said shi yungang, the manager of dekon's service department.

"compared to working outside, i do not have a fixed rest time. i’m also very tired, but it is my own career, so it's completely different." yu rui said that as young people who have received good quality education, we should refuse to "lie flat" and bravely challenge ourselves.

i had a comparison, so i know dekon's advantages.

"after cooperating with dekon, i did feel a great difference." yu rui said that from biosafety prevention and control in and outside of the pig farm to daily production management and settlement of entrustment fee in the later stage, dekon has its own standards. every process is carried out according to the company's standard procedures, which also makes him feel at ease.

at first, yu rui also hesitated, worrying that dekon, like the previous company, would be "difficult to survive" facing the prevalent african swine fever virus, and the entrustment fee was nothing but a castle in the air.

but when he cooperated with dekon, this concern was completely dispelled. before breeding pigs in the pig farm, the company sent a dedicated person to the farm for inspection and acceptance, and strictly scored the surrounding environment and hardware facilities of the farm. non-conforming areas were promptly renovated according to the standards of dekon farm.

during the breeding process, as long as yu rui has any questions about production, the production management specialist will answer them as soon as possible, and will also visit the farm regularly to guide yu rui, so that he could fully handle the task of breeding 1000 fat pigs.

what's more, after each batch of fat pigs were sold, the company will show yu rui the settlement table for confirmation. the cost all materials were clearly shown on the table, and the composition of entrustment fee was also clear, the same with the daily production record table.

“what assures me most is dekon's settlement method, which is really transparent." yu rui said that over two years of cooperation, thanks to dekon's stable production and settlement, he and his family are living a better life, and his career has become more stable.

"i had a comparison, so i know dekon's advantages. i will continue to cooperate with dekon to better operate the family farm." yu rui said he chose to breed pigs because he sees the future prospects of the agriculture and animal husbandry industry. in the future, he will continue to follow dekon's steps and make more contributions to the development of his hometown. 

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