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cooperate with dekon to build a career in the countryside
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in recent years, the development opportunities in rural areas are increasing, and more ambitious young people choose to return to their hometowns for entrepreneurship. among these people, there is a group of highly-educated young people who are optimistic over the prospects of the agriculture and animal husbandry industry and join the team of dekon farmers, with a hope to contribute to the construction of their hometown.

wu qixuan, a dekon farmer in baotou, is one of them. after graduating from the inner mongolia university for nationalities, he returned to his hometown, yinhao town, guyang county, and invested in the construction of the 2400-head #1 family farm, embarking on the path of returning home for entrepreneurship.

"dekon's good project has made me rooted."

after graduating from university, wu qixuan returned to his hometown for development. through propaganda, he learned that dekon was promoting the "company family farm" project locally, which had developed quite well in other regions of china and was a good project worth investing in.

"unlike traditional pig farming, dekon adopts all modern methods. from pig farm construction to breeding, its complete set of technology and service systems can relive my worries." after careful consultation, wu qixuan made a decision quickly. with the help of his family, he invested in the construction of a 2400 head pig farm.

exterior view of the pig farm

over the past few years, the performance of wu qixuan's farm has remained relatively stable thanks to his active cooperation and careful execution. the recent batch of fat pigs has achieved a market rate of 95.73%.

wu qixuan (first from left) on the pig farm

"in the past years, dekon has helped me a lot, transforming me from a novice pig farmer to a new type of farmer who masters solid production skills.” wu qixuan sighed and said that after learning about dekon and engaging in the agriculture and animal husbandry industry, he had a new understanding of the current situation of agriculture in china and strong expectations for future development.

"wu qixuan is always full of vigor in learning and has a strong execution ability. he often communicates with me, and when the company has new requirements, he will implement them at once." production management specialist zhang haibo said unlike other farmers, wu qixuan graduated with a bachelor's degree and has strong cognitive and learning abilities. he can start breeding pigs quickly and has a good understanding of dekon's standard processes.

contribute to rural revitalization

"the benefits of cooperating with dekon are tangible, much better than working away from home." wu qixuan said that after cooperating with dekon, the benefits was obvious. it not only improved his life, but also transformed his own learning into practice. externally, he publicized changes of his hometown, and internally, he drove its development to support the rural revitalization strategy.

wu qixuan is not the only one. after he returned to his hometown for entrepreneurship and achieved good results in cooperating with dekon to breed pigs, more and more people have joined this team and started a stable business together with dekon.

wu qixuan is repairing the farm equipment

"as far as i know, another two farm owners around guyang cooperated with dekon after learning my story." wu qixuan said that he was willing to become a "textbook". he strongly recommends the dekon family farm mode to those who return to their hometown for entrepreneurship, to promote the development of rural industries and contribute his own strength to rural revitalization."

my hometown is developing fast, and the changes in rural areas are significant. as a university student from the rural area, i also want to use the knowledge and skills i have learned to give back to the land where i was born and raised." in the future, wu qixuan will continue to work with dekon to better manage his business. 

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