"meeting dekon is a great fortune. i will cooperate with dekon as long as i can" dekang group,high-凯发app

"meeting dekon is a great fortune. i will cooperate with dekon as long as i can"
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"being a dekon family farmer is the luckiest thing for me, and i want to be a partner of dekon forever." in october 2022, zhu qilin, a family farmer in the western sichuan region, and his brother zhu xiaoming returned to their hometown for entrepreneurship, and joined the team of dekon family farmers.

before cooperation, they learned that dekon would provide piglets, feed, animal healthcare medicines, technology, and comprehensive professional trainings. farmers only needed to invest in building a pig farm, and the company would be responsible for purchasing the marketed fat pigs, so there was no need to worry about market risks. this relieved them from confusion and concerns in the early stage of entrepreneurship.

"the company's reputation is an important factor when considering cooperating with dekon. in addition, what moved me was their ability to provide us with comprehensive training and guidance, allowing us to grow quickly from an outsider to a professional farmer, and endowing us the ability to expand this career by ourselves in the future."  zhu qilinn said although it's not long since they cooperated with dekon, the company has given them a lot of support and solved many of their problems. he has every confidence in dekon.

at the beginning of this year, the first batch of fat pigs were marketed. under the leadership of dekon, they performance was very good, marketing 4,913 fat pigs out of 5,064 piglets, achieving an average of 128kg market weight and a feed conversion ratio of 2.51. this not only earned them their first substantial return, but also greatly increased their confidence in continuing to work with dekon. what is more valuable is this make them see a bright future.

“this 5000-head pig farm is not only our business, but also the business of the whole family. after the cooperation, dekon not only taught us how to breed pigs, but more importantly, taught us how to manage farms. after learning these professional production management techniques, we will have the ability to further expand our careers." zhu qilin said that he would hold fast to the family farm and work hard to breed pigs in the future to create a better future with dekon. 

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