good news! dekon yingde poultry breeding farm was selected as one of the national broiler core breeding farms dekang group,high-凯发app

good news! dekon yingde poultry breeding farm was selected as one of the national broiler core breeding farms
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recently, according to the notice issued by the office of the ministry of agriculture and rural affairs on the announcement of the selection and verification results for the 2023 national livestock and poultry core breeding farm and change of information, dekon poultry received the goods news that yingde breeding farm of guangdong zhiwei agricultural technology co., ltd., a subsidiary of dekon group, was selected as a national broiler core breeding farm.


the dekon poultry yingde breeding farm has stood out in fierce competition and successfully entered the list of "national broiler core breeding farms". this milestone achievement not only reflects the profound foundation of dekon poultry in the field of broiler breeding, but also injects strong impetus into the long-term development of its brand.


since its establishment, supported by dekon group, yingde breeding farm and its technical level are growing fast. it has successfully cultivated several high-quality new breeds of broiler.


over the years, dekon poultry has focused on the research and innovation of broiler breeding technology, committed to providing high-quality breeding sources for china's broiler industry. as an important base for enterprise breeding research, yingde breeding farm has gathered top technical talents in the industry and constantly launched new varieties that meet market demand.


entering the ranks of national seed industry, dekon poultry will undoubtedly undertake more national tasks, increase research and development investment, optimize breeding technology, and strive to cultivate more independently-patented high-quality broiler breeds with independent ipr and meet the needs of the chinese market. at the same time, dekon poultry's technology team will also strengthen the cooperation with relevant domestic universities to promote the rapid development of china's broiler industry, and make greater contributions to promoting and strengthening china's broiler industry and its sustainable development. 

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