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hechuan dekon was selected as a national innovation leading base of modern protected agriculture and animal husbandry
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recently, in accordance with the circular of the general office of the ministry of agriculture and rural affairs on the selection of national innovation leading zones and innovation leading bases of modern protected agriculture in 2023 (n.b.j.c. [2023] no. 26) issued by the ministry of agriculture and rural affairs, the selection results of national innovation leading zones and leasing bases of modern protected agriculture in 2023 were published through procedures such as recommendation by the agriculture and rural affairs departments of the provinces concerned and expert evaluation. among them, hechuan dekon pig breeding co., ltd., a subsidiary of dekon group, was selected as a national innovation leading base of modern protected agriculture and animal husbandry.

the selection is divided into five categories: facility planting, facility animal husbandry, facility fishery, cold chain logistics and grain drying. about 160 outstanding bases will be selected nationwide in 2023, including 50 bases for facility planting, 40 bases for facility animal husbandry, 40 bases for facility fishing, 15 bases for cold chain logistics, and 15 bases for grain drying. in principle, there should be no more than one innovation leading base of the same type in each county.

the purpose of this selection is to promote the high-quality development of modern protected agriculture, drive the improvement of resource utilization rate and factor input-output rate of protected agriculture, accelerate the construction of a modern protected agriculture development pattern featuring scientific layout, land conservation, wisdom and efficiency, green and safety, and strong guarantee, and provide strong support for comprehensively promoting rural revitalization and accelerating the construction of a powerful agricultural country.

hechuan dekon was selected as an innovation base of modern facility animal husbandry, indicating that hechuan dekon, as a typical model of innovation leadership, has obvious regional characteristics, advanced technology and equipment, outstanding scientific and technological innovation, significant effect of uniting and leading farmers, easy promotion of investment and financing models, and strong radiation ability, and has a strong competitive advantage in its province or industry.

in the future, dekon will continue to implement the major strategic deployments of the country, stride forward towards the grand goal of high-end food ecosystem, continue to unite farmers and bring farmers together to truly enable the majority of fellow villagers to earn money and gain benefits, so that the effect of strengthening counties and promoting towns and villages can be seen and the beautiful picture of chinese modernization can be perceived. dekon will also contribute to the strategy of promoting rural revitalization.

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