yao sidan, vice governor of sichuan province conduct research on rongxian dekon dekang group,high-凯发app

yao sidan, vice governor of sichuan province conduct research on rongxian dekon
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on november 4, yao sidan, vice governor of sichuan province, and his delegation conducted research on the 7200-head multi-floor pig farm of rongxian dekon food co., ltd. xiong taiquan, assistant president of dekon group's live pig business division and general manager of zunyi and south sichuan region, accompanied the research and introduced the relevant situation of zigong region of dekon group.


after listening to the report, yao sidan and his delegation looked over the construction of the multi-floor pig houses, equipment installation, and environmental protection facilities. they also had a deep understanding of ai artificial intelligence in improving pig breeding indicators, cost control, and asf prevention and control. yao sidan said dekon group should accelerate project construction, and start production as soon as possible to contribute to the stable production and supply of pigs in the province.


yao sidan requested the government to take the initiative to help dekon, enhance their service awareness, appropriately implement policy measures, provide high-quality and efficient services for key construction projects, and support leading enterprises to leverage their industrial advantages and move towards the full industry chain.


li junchen, deputy secretary general of sichuan provincial government, secretary fan bo, deputy secretary tang qiang, and deputy mayor of zigong municipal party committee, secretary of the rongxian county party committee, accompanied the research. 

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