dekon group commenced its 3-凯发app

dekon group commenced its 3-million-head pig slaughtering, meat products deep processing and cold-chain project!
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today, the groundbreaking ceremony for the 3-million-head pig slaughtering, meat products deep processing and cold-chain project of dekon group was held in nanxi district, yibin city.

qumu shiha, member of the standing committee of the sichuan provincial party committee and secretary of the provincial government working committee, attended the ceremony and announced the commencement of the project. liu zhongbo, secretary of the yibin municipal party committee, lu zhenhua, chairman of the standing committee of the municipal people's congress, du ziping, deputy secretary of the municipal party committee and mayor, mao yexiong, full-time deputy director of the agricultural office of the sichuan provincial party committee and deputy director of the provincial department of agriculture and rural affairs, luo chuntao, deputy secretary and mayor of nanxi district, and wang degen, founder of dekon group, attended the ceremony. huang he, deputy secretary of the yibin municipal party committee, presided over the ceremony.

du ziping warmly congratulated on the commencement of the project. he said the commencement of the project is an important link for dekon group's layout and settlement in yibin, and it is also the result of mutual trust and strong support between the government and enterprises; this project would inject new momentum into yibin in accelerating the construction of a city featured with modern agriculture; the relevant functional departments of the city, as well as the nanxi district committee and government, will provide the utmost thoughtful services and guarantees for dekon group, to jointly build a national first-class pig breeding and meat processing industry base.

wang degen stated at the ceremony that yibin was a city full of vitality and potential, providing a sound foundation and conditions for the development of various industries. dekon group always bears in mind the concept of developing animal husbandry with food thinking and producing food with health-oriented thinking. the successful implementation of the project will not only help to promote the development of yibin's meat food deep processing industry, but also open up a new prospect for the efficient development of modern agricultural industry and green food industry in yibin to achieve high-efficient, environmental-friendly, low-carbon and energy-conservation development of modern food industry. it adds glory to the famous sichuan pig, and contributes to sichuan's transition from a major agricultural province to a strong agricultural province. next, we will organize a strong team to focus on the food project in nanxi yibin, strictly control the construction period and quality, and truly reflect the yibin spirit, nanxi energy, and dekon quality, to achieve a brilliant future of "drinking wuliangye, eating dekon meat, gathering elites from all over the world, and creating a world-famous brand"!

it is reported that the planned construction land area of the project is over 500 mu, with a designed annual slaughtering and processing capacity of 3 million heads, and a supporting modern cold chain logistics system. the project involves the links of slaughtering, cutting, deep processing, reserving and trading. upon completion, the project is expected to create an output value of rmb 15 billion in pig slaughtering and meat processing and provide employment for more than 5,000 people, facilitating the employment and local economic development. 

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