good news! dekon group ranks among the top 100 sichuan enterprises and top 100 sichuan service enterprises in 2022 dekang group,high-凯发app

good news! dekon group ranks among the top 100 sichuan enterprises and top 100 sichuan service enterprises in 2022
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on december 15, the development summit of large enterprises and groups in sichuan province in 2022 was held in chengdu. four lists were released on the conference: top 100 sichuan enterprises, top 100 manufacturing enterprises, top 100 service enterprises, and top 50 digital economy enterprises. dekon group ranked 66th among the top 100 sichuan enterprises and 24th among the top 100 service enterprises.

it is reported that with the subject of "new journey and new mission: fully promoting high-quality development of large enterprises and groups", the summit released the lists of top 100 enterprises in comprehensive, manufacturing and services categories, respectively and digital economy enterprises, aiming to guide the enterprises of sichuan province, especially large enterprises, to a new development stage, deeply analyze changes at home and abroad, actively respond to risks and challenges, continue to play the leading and demonstration role of large enterprises and groups, and make new and greater contributions to promoting high-quality development of economy in sichuan province!

over the years, dekon group has always borne in mind the concept of developing animal husbandry with food thinking and producing food with health-oriented thinking. at present, dekon group has two national key leading enterprises in agricultural industrialization, with businesses covering industries such as pig farming, high-quality chicken breeding, food processing, and digital agriculture. with more than 120 subordinated enterprises distributed in 13 provinces, cities, and autonomous regions across the country, it has become a highly competitive and fast growing agricultural and animal husbandry enterprise in china.

ranking among the top 100 sichuan enterprises is not only an honor but also a motivation for dekon. in the future, dekon will continue to adhere to its unshakable vision of being a builder of the high-end food ecosystem, rely on its original intention, stay true to its mission, seize opportunities, make earnest effort to seek development, lead the high-end food industry and fight for rural revitalization, as well as do something substantial to provide consumers with high-quality food. 

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