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dekon group selected as a national seed industry formation enterprise
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to implement the decisions and deployments of the central committee of the cpc and the state council on the revitalization of the seed industry, and to further support the development of seed industry enterprises, the general office of the ministry of agriculture and rural affairs recently issued the "notice on supporting the development of national seed industry formation enterprises" (hereinafter referred to as the "notice"), 86 livestock and poultry enterprises were selected from more than 30,000 seed enterprises based on key indicators such as enterprise scale, innovation ability, and development potential, so as to concentrate strength on building a national seed enterprise formation that could "overcome difficulties, fill shortcomings, and strengthen advantages", and accelerate the construction of a backbone force for seed industry revitalization.

among them, dekon group was selected as a national livestock and poultry breeding enterprise for live pig sector.

dekon has been actively promoting the development of modern seed industry that combines industry, university, and research, and integrates breeding and promotion. it has established a professional breeding institutions, and successively established research and development platforms such as the national spark plan leading enterprise technology innovation center and the key laboratory of poultry genetic breeding of the ministry of agriculture. dekon has achieved hard investment in the seed industry to ensure the sustainability of technological innovation.

in recent years, relying on its strong technological advantages, genetic resources, and breeding system, the group has undertaken more than 50 national and provincial level major scientific research projects, including the national 863 plan, scientific research special funding project for public welfare industry (agriculture), the high-tech industrialization modern agriculture special project of national development and reform commission, and the national agricultural comprehensive development industrialization management project. its key breeding indicators for live pigs are in line with the international leading level, and it has become one of the large-scale parental generation suppliers for exported high-quality chicken.

dekon has established an efficient breeding system, driving farmers to increase production and income. it has 2 national level pig core breeding farms, 3 provincial-level core farms, and 100 breeding farms.

the notice mentions that in the future, agricultural and rural departments in various regions should focus to support formation enterprises, track and learn about the development situation, and timely help them solve their difficulties; guide resources, technology, talents, capital and other factors to gather in key advantageous enterprises, so as to give full play to the leading role of enterprises in integrating and gathering resources, and continuously improve their innovation capabilities; build a group of aircraft carrier-level enterprises , "hidden champion" enterprises, and specialized platform enterprises which have core research and development capabilities, industry driving capabilities, and international competitiveness to accelerate the formation of advantageous seed industry enterprise clusters.

dekon group will fully utilize resources provided by the state and its own advantages to seize opportunities and take the initiative to accelerate the application of modern breeding technology, comprehensively improve the level of breeding innovation, and contribute to promoting industry technological innovation, ensuring the sustainable development of the pig industry, and promoting the revitalization of the national seed industry. 

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