the largest scale in china! 500 dekon terminal boars chartered a plane to guizhou dekang group,high-凯发app

the largest scale in china! 500 dekon terminal boars chartered a plane to guizhou
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on the evening of march 25, 500 terminal boars imported by dekon group from topigs arrived at longdongbao international airport, guiyang city. after being quarantined by the customs, they were transported to the dekon pig isolation field in southwest guizhou autonomous prefecture for a 45-day quarantine in the early morning of the 26th under the guidance and monitoring of customs regulations. this is the first time for guizhou to introduce original breed pigs from abroad, and it is also the largest scale of terminal boars introduced to china at a single time. after the quarantine period, dekon group will use this batch of imported pigs to establish its sixth core breeding farm (yilong breeding farm) in guizhou, and its number of breeding pig nucleus herds can reach 7000, forming an annual production capacity of 35,000 ggp pigs, which can support the production capacity of 70 million commercial pigs annually.


guizhou province has always been a key development area for dekon group's pig industry due to its outstanding ecological advantages and industrial policies. especially under the influence of the asfv and covid-19, the advantages of guizhou's pig industry in biosafety are more significant. combining dekon's strong scientific and technological advantages and the world's leading genetic resources and breeding system, it will lay a more solid foundation for the construction of high-quality food with "eu standards and local characteristics".


one year after this introduction, yilong breeding farm will reach full capacity, with a 1,000-sow herd and 90 boars, which can produce 5,000 high-quality purebred sows and 2,000 high-quality purebred boar annually. the breeding pigs produced by this core breeding herd can support a pig industry system with an annual output of over 20 million pigs, and these boars can also improve the breed of over 1 million sows.


dekon group has always borne in mind the concept of developing animal husbandry with food thinking and producing food with health-oriented thinking. at present, dekon has two national agricultural industrialization key leading enterprises, with three major business sectors covering pig farming, high-quality chicken farming, and food processing, and more than 90 enterprises located in 13 provinces, cities, and autonomous regions across the country, making it the largest local agricultural and animal husbandry enterprise in southwest china. dekon group has been developed its pig industry in guizhou province since 2012. as of now, it has established 8 pig breeding production bases and can provide 150,000 high-quality breeding pigs annually, with a production capacity of 3 million commercial pigs per year. 

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