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eu standard food/sino-german cooperation continues to attract domestic and international attentions
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recently, the front page of lebensmittel zeitung, a local paper media in germany, reported the cooperation between dekon and tönnies holding aps& co. kg, the largest integrated meat slaughtering and processing enterprise in germany, which will create eu standard food in an all-around way and promote the win-win development of sichuan pig breeding, slaughtering and processing industry integration. this cooperation is also the first production base outside europe to be built by tönnies group in the process of promoting its internationalization strategy.

the introduction of this project will greatly promote the construction of standardized pig base in sichuan province, become a new engine for the transformation and upgrading of the pig industry and a new benchmark for the integrated development of modern agriculture, and achieve localized production of high-end pork food that is in line with eu standards. with the help of tönnies global sales network, dekon can also bring sichuan pork to the high-end market, and provide consumers with safer, higher quality and traceable pork food.

at the same time, as the pork supply in china is tight at present, the price has been rising for several weeks. as the most important meat food for most people in china, the price of pork is a livelihood issue. five measures were proposed at a meeting of the state council in late august, including comprehensive measures to restore the pig production and support the development of large-scale pig breeding. sichuan province, as a major pig province, has also drawn up a “military order” for pig production. therefore, the cooperation project between dekon and tönnies group will contribute to the overall stability of pig production and pork supply in sichuan, and accelerate the transition of sichuan from a major pig province to a powerful pork product province. 

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