[china news]the construction projects of large-凯发app

[china news]the construction projects of large-scale pig farms in sichuan province with a total investment of rmb 2.5 billion yuan have started construction in a concentrated manner
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recently, the price of live pigs in china continues to rise. photographed by zhong xin

reported by china news in meishan on september 20 (reporter he xi) the concentrated groundbreaking ceremony of the construction projects of large-scale pig farms in sichuan province was held on september 20 in renshou county, meishan city. a total of 13 large-scale pig farms will be started in a concentrated manner, with a total investment of rmb 2.5 billion yuan, and the production capacity of live pigs is expected to exceed 2 million pigs after the completion of the project.

the reporter learned from the concentrated groundbreaking ceremony that 13 projects to be started are as follows: construction project of dekon cihang ancestral generation breeding pig farm in renshou county, renovation and extension project of chongzhou juxing xingyu breeding pig farm, construction project of gongxian wenshi nanguang breeding pig farm held at the yibin sub-venue, construction project of pingshan county juxing zhongdu breeding pig farm held at the yibin sub-venue, breeding pig farm project of guangyuan xinhao agricultural development co., ltd. held at the guangyuan sub-venue, breeding pig farm construction project of xuyong county defeng co., ltd. held at the luzhou sub-venue, construction project of weiyuan county dekon agriculture and animal husbandry co., ltd. held at the neijiang sub-venue, pig farm construction project of leshan aoxin breeding co., ltd. held at the leshan sub-venue, construction project of 10,000-pig standardized pig farm of leshan shenghui company held at the leshan sub-venue, pig farm construction project of sanduo agricultural development co., ltd. held at the leshan sub-venue, construction project of linshui county baer breeding pig farm held at the guang’an sub-venue, construction project of yuechi county fulong breeding pig farm held at the guang’an sub-venue and construction project of rongxian lede no.2 breeding pig farm held at the zigong sub-venue.

construction site. photographed by zhong xinyang xiubin, director of sichuan provincial department of agriculture and rural affairs, said that in the next few months to next year, the large-scale modern pig farms in sichuan province will usher in a period of concentrated construction, which will effectively fill the production capacity gap caused by the withdrawal of small and medium-sized pig farms and a large number of scattering pig raising households to ensure the overall stability of pig production and pork supply in sichuan province.

in august 2019, 15 governmental departments in sichuan province jointly issued the nine measures for promoting pig production to ensure market supply in sichuan province to promote “standardized pig breeding” and “standardized slaughtering and processing”, so that farmers dare to raise pigs, want to raise pigs and can afford to raise pigs through land, capital and other measures. (end)

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