dekon as an enterprise representative exchanges development experience at the high-凯发app

dekon as an enterprise representative exchanges development experience at the high-quality development forum for seed industry enterprises in sichuan province
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on september 10, the 2nd tianfu international seed industry expo held the tianfu seed industry summit forum - sichuan province seed enterprise high-quality development forum. yao hailong, president of dekon group, delivered a speech at the meeting as a representative of the national seed industry formation enterprise.

at the meeting, yao hailong shared and exchanged experiences with participating enterprises from three aspects: the rapid development achieved by dekon in recent years, the efforts and achievements in seed innovation, and the practice of promoting rural revitalization through connecting and leading farmers.

after the conference, yao hailong gladly accepted media interviews. he stated that dekon is an enterprise based in agriculture and rural areas, and connecting and leading farmers to promoting rural revitalization. in the future, it will continue to make every effort to take root in agriculture, rural areas and farmers, deeply participate in rural revitalization through family farms, promote industrial upgrading, and contribute dekon's strength to the prosperity and income of the people.

the enterprise is the main body for the revitalization of the seed industry. supporting excellent enterprises and promoting the market competitiveness of seed enterprises is one of the five specific actions for the revitalization of seed industry. it is a specific measure to accelerate the construction of a backbone force for revitalization seed industry, promote the realization of technological self-reliance and controllability of seed sources in the seed industry. next, dekon will strictly implement the decisions and deployments of the central committee of the communist party of china, the state council, the sichuan provincial party committee, and the provincial government to promote the revitalization of the seed industry, gather resources from all parties, utilize advantages in resources, technology, talent, capital, etc., take the market as the guide, drive enterprise development with innovation, fully leverage the positive role of national seed industry formation enterprises in the revitalization of the seed industry, and contribute to the modernization of agriculture and rural areas in china. 

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