huang lusheng, an academician of the chinese academy of sciences and his delegation visited dekon group for guidance and exchange dekang group,high-凯发app

huang lusheng, an academician of the chinese academy of sciences and his delegation visited dekon group for guidance and exchange
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on april 26, huang lusheng, an academician of the cas, member director of the national livestock and poultry genetic resources commission, chairman of the chinese society of animal husbandry and veterinary medicine, and zhu li, deputy secretary of the party committee of jiangxi agricultural university, deputy secretary of the party committee of the school of animal science and technology of sichuan agricultural university, yao hailong, president of dekon group, and shu dingming, chief scientist of dekon group accompanied the reception and attended the symposium.

at the symposium, academician huang listened to shu dingming's introduction to and future prospects of dekon group, and fully affirmed the company's successful experience in pig breeding, prevention and control of the asfv and development models of family farm, which builds industry confidence. academician huang emphasized that high-quality livestock and poultry breeds are not only the foundation of modernization in animal husbandry, but also a weak link that urgently needs to be strengthened in the development of animal husbandry in china. at present, the pig breeding industry in china has been elevated to a national strategy, and the national core pig breeding enterprises are innovative entities in the pig breeding industry. we must adhere to the path of independent innovation, strive to make technological breakthrough in breeding industry, and continuously improve the core competitiveness of pig products in order to achieve high-quality development of the pig-breeding industry.

academician huang pointed out that the state key laboratory of pig genetic improvement and production technology of jiangxi agricultural university has long focused on the basic and application research of pig genetic improvement, developed a number of patents such as multi-rib, meat color, water-holding capacity, high-quality pork breeding, and resistance to diarrhea before weaning of piglets, created the internationally leading gene chip "zhongxin no. 1", bred the first leading-level chinese male parent, and also promoted and applied it on a large scale in all major pig producing provinces in china, providing technical and product support for breeding pigs in the post-asfv era. during the 14th five year plan period, the lab will continue to carry out in-depth work in the cultivation of "zhongxi pig" and "huaxi pig". based on the introduced duroc, landrace, and large white breeding pigs, through technological innovation and institutional innovation, the breeding indicators of zhongxi pig will reach or even exceed international level, guaranteeing the supply of pork for the people.

president yao hailong expressed gratitude to academician huang for taking the time out of his busy schedule to visit dekon group for guidance. he expected to take this opportunity to strengthen dekon's cooperation with the state key laboratory in technology application and talent cultivation based on the high-quality breeding pig resources owned by dekon group. with the help and guidance of academician huang, dekon group will shoulder the innovative mission of the national pig breeding industry, continue to increase the investment in breeding research and development, make good use of new breeding technologies, make excellent pig products, and make contributions to break through the bottleneck of china's pig breeding industry while providing high-quality breeding sources for the company's pig breeding business. 

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