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pig futures debuted! dekon group won three firsts!
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on january 5, dekon group was successfully selected as one of the first batch of delivery warehouses of pig groups in china.

on january 8, pig futures opened at the dalian commodity exchange; at 8:59:00 a.m., dekon group placed hedging orders in the futures market and successfully traded them, becoming the first batch of enterprises in the country to trade pig futures.

on january 8, the first insurance policy of the pig price “insurance  futures” project in sichuan province was born in jiang’an dekon.

the pig futures hedging business team of dekon group has been set up at present; in the future, the group will provide efficient work with a professional team and professional attitude, make full use of various financial instruments such as futures, options and “insurance  futures” to effectively manage the fluctuation of pig prices, and contribute to the steady development of pig futures and pig market.

pig futures are an important measure for china’s futures market to serve the development of the real economy: the listing of pig futures will, to a certain extent, promote the development of the pig industry towards product standardization; it will play a positive role in improving the pricing mechanism of live pigs, enhancing the risk management capabilities of market entities, and helping the development of pig industry.

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