dekon’s poverty alleviation model was highly recognized by fei gaoyun, vice governor of jiangsu province, and his delegation dekang group,high-凯发app

dekon’s poverty alleviation model was highly recognized by fei gaoyun, vice governor of jiangsu province, and his delegation
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on may 22, fei gaoyun, vice governor of jiangsu province, led more than 100 leaders in charge of poverty alleviation work in all cities and counties across the province to hold a meeting in sihong to promote the battle against poverty in jiangsu province.

sihong dekon was one of the major highlights of this promotion meeting. wang xiaodong, secretary of the sihong county party committee, personally introduced to the delegation in detail how sihong county relies on dekon group to promote the industrial development of ecological circular agriculture and targeted poverty alleviation through the pig and poultry projects as a leading enterprise.

after the project is put into operation, it can produce 1 million commercial pigs and 60 million ducks a yea. the annual output value of animal husbandry is about rmb 3 billion yuan, and the overall output value is up to rmb 8 billion yuan. through the industrial poverty alleviation model, the project can drive about 10,000 impoverished people out of poverty, which lays the foundation for sihong county to achieve industrial poverty alleviation, targeted poverty alleviation and rural revitalization.

at the same time, the comprehensive utilization of manure from large-scale farms drives the development of ecological planting industry in sihong, helps sihong get rid of poverty and fully realizes the concept of “lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets”.

qin gang, the person in charge of sihong dekon, introduced that while developing efficient breeding, dekon group cooperates with alibaba cloud and guishang group to vigorously promote “internet  new agriculture” and jointly build an ai intelligent circular breeding ecosystem through ai intellectualization and recycling integration of manure resources by relying on the worlds leading et brain agriculture, and promote the development of industrial poverty alleviation and efficient circular agriculture in sihong county by relying on advanced industry technology and scientific development philosophy.

during the meeting, vice governor fei gaoyun repeatedly affirmed the progress of sihong dekon project, poverty alleviation model and environmental governance, etc., and expressed appreciation for the rapid development of the project.

wu chengli, vice president of dekon group, and xing jianchao, head of jiangsu dekon under dekon group, accompanied the tour.


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