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[sichuan news online]the construction projects of large-scale pig farms in sichuan province have started construction in a concentrated manner!
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yao sidan, vice governor of sichuan province, listened to the introduction of pig projects in meishan and renshou on site.

reported by sichuan news online in meishan on september 20 (written/photographed by lv weili): in order to implement the decisions and deployments of the party central committee, the state council, the provincial party committee and the provincial peoples government to develop pig production, create a good atmosphere to support pig production and promote transformation and upgrading in the whole province, strengthen efforts to promote standardized large-scale pig breeding, and support leading enterprises to construct a number of key breeding farms with higher specification and greater impact, sichuan province has decided to hold a collective groundbreaking ceremony for the construction projects of large-scale pig farms.

on the morning of september 20, the concentrated groundbreaking ceremony of construction projects of standardized large-scale pig farms with new production capacity of 20 million pigs in sichuan province in 2019-2020 was held at the main venue in renshou county, meishan city. the groundbreaking ceremony was presided over by li junchen, deputy secretary general of the sichuan provincial people’s government. wei hongyang, deputy director of the animal husbandry and veterinary bureau of the ministry of agriculture and rural affairs, delivered a speech at the ceremony, while yang xiubin, director of sichuan provincial department of agriculture and rural affairs, introduced the progress of construction projects in the whole province. yao sidan, vice governor of sichuan province, attended the groundbreaking ceremony and announced the commencement of the project. huang jiandong, deputy secretary of the meishan municipal committee of the cpc, introduced the pig breeding details in meishan.

led by the dekon cihang ancestral generation breeding pig farm project in renshou county, meishan city, there were 11 sub-venues in 8 cities including guang’an, leshan, luzhou, guangyuan, yibin, neijiang, zigong and suining. the main venue and sub-venues were connected via video to carry out the groundbreaking ceremony. there are 13 projects to be started today with a total investment of rmb 2.5 billion yuan, and the production capacity of live pigs will exceed 2 million pigs after the completion of the project.

the construction project of dekon cihang ancestral generation breeding pig farm in renshou county, meishan city is invested by sichuan dekon group with an amount of rmb 160 million yuan. it is located in datang village, cihang town, renshou county, and covers an area of about 151 acres. after the completion of the project, it will have a permanent stock of 5,000 breeding pigs and an annual output of 120,000 piglets. it is planned to be completed by the end of 2019. the project is constructed according to eu standards, fully enclosed, semi-leaky and fully automated. after the project is put into operation, nearly 1,500 acres of land will be transferred around the site for cultivation according to breeding standards, so as to achieve a balanced utilization of planting and breeding circulation.

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